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Perlite of all sizes

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Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland) Brand Name: S.W.T. Model Number: All sizes
Type: Expanded Perlite SiO2 Content (%): 68~74% Fe2O3 Content (%): 0.5~3.6%
Al2O3 Content (%): ±12% MgO Content (%): 0.3% CaO Content (%): 0.7~1.0%
K2O Content (%): 2~3% Na2O Content (%): 4~5% Expanded Or Not: Expanded
8-12,12-18 ,18-20,20-50,30-50,50-70,70-90,90-120 mesh
Apply industry:
construction,agriculture,steel,beer etc

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 0.1cubic meter /p.p.bag, or as to the demands of the clients
Delivery Detail: Within 7-15days after receive the payment or notice of the L/C


1.manufactory for perlite ,time of delivery is shot. 2.products by SGS test.

Size(mesh ):8-12,12-18 ,18-20,20-50,30-50,50-70,70-90,90-120
Apply industry:construction,agriculture,steel,beer etc




1. Perlite ore


   1) The product is a perlite ore by crushing, screening from the original minerals, our company can produce according to the needs of customers


   2) The current specifications are :

   8-12mesh ,12-18mesh ,18-20mesh,20-50mesh,30-50mesh,50-70mesh,70-90mesh,

90-120mesh etc


 2. Chemical composition:


SiO2 %


Fe2O3 %

CaO %

K2O %

Na2O %

MgO %

H2O %













(1) 8-12mesh ,12-18mesh ,18-20mesh perlite sand after expansion can be as insulation, thermal insulation material widely used in construction.

(2) 20-50mesh ,30-50mesh perlite sand by the expansion of steel can be used as a cover agent ,deslagging agents.

(3) 50-70mesh ,70-90mesh ,90-120mesh perlite sand can be as expansive as the beer, pharmaceutical agents and use of filtering low-temperature oxygen tank with insulation.



1.Horticulture Expanded Perlite: Widely used in agriculture and garden to improve the soils retention of the water and fertilizer.


2. Expanded Perlite Sand: Widely used as the insulating layerin in low-temperature container and others low-temperature equipment, for example, the gas jar or gas conduit, Oxygen Produce Machine, Refrigeratory, and the transportation equipment of liquid Oxygen/Hydrogen.


3. Perlite Filter Aids: Be very popular in the filtering of dirty water, oil, alcohol/beer, beverage, sugar and glucose ect.


4. Handwash Powder Grade Expanded Perlite:  Used as the main ingredient of the handwash Powder.


5.Other Expanded Perlite Products:

   The most wide usage is in construction, as  heat/sound insulating material, light weight material, loose-filling material,  fireproof doors inner stuffing material, or used to produce lightweight/heat insulation bricks ect. 0.1-1.2mm



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  • expandable white perlite
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  • Thermal insulation expanded perlite
  • perlite insulation
  • 3-8mm expanded perlite for hydroponics
  • slag coagulant(perlite) for slag accretion in molten iron
  • Perlite sale
  • unexpanded perlite ore
  • slag coagulant TDW S-3
  • perlite insulation
  • raw prelite price
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  • cleaner agent TDW S-3 for slag accretion in moten steel
  • 4-8MM/3-6MM/2-4MM/1-3MM Expanded Perlite Use in Horticulture and Agricultural
  • expanded perlite for agriculture and horticulture
  • 4-8MM/3-6MM/2-4MM/1-3MM/1-2MM/1-5MM/0.15-1.18MM Expanded Perlite Used in Horticulture and Agricultural
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  • Agricultural and horticultural expanded perlite
  • Expanded perlite powder for ceiling tiles
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  • Expanded Perlite/Horticulture Perlite
  • dregs remover TDW S-3 for slag accretion in moten steel
  • perlite powder price
  • Horticultural Perlite (Raw and Expanded Products), Used in Agriculture, Construction etc.
  • unexpanded perlite/raw perlite
  • bulk expanded perlite/horticultural perlite
  • perlite/raw perlite/ AWD-ZZ-03
  • High Quality Unexpanded Perlite for Construction
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  • Perlite/Raw perlite/AWD-ZZ-03
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  • 100L Bags Horticulture Type Light Weight Expanded Perlite
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  • Unexpanded Perlite for industry
  • bone powder agriculture Perlite
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  • closed cell perlite
  • 20-40mesh raw perlite
  • AWD-ZZ-03 perlite ore 0.3-0.5mm
  • Perlite particles of Jiaqi Mineral
  • Horticultural Expanded Perlite (Unexpande and Expanded perlite) Construction Perlite Industry Perlite Perlite for Insulation
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  • Perlite
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  • Perlite/raw perlite/unexpanded perlite/perlite for insulation
  • AWD-ZZ-03 Perlite Ore /0.3-0.5mm
  • unexpanded perlite ore 16-20mesh 18-30mesh20-40mesh 30-50mesh 70-90mesh90-120mesh
  • Unexpanded perlite/AWD-ZZ-03/0.3-0.5mm
  • Raw Perlite
  • Expanded Perlite/Horticulture Perlite
  • perlite
  • High Grade Perlite/foundry perlite
  • perlite
  • Perlite filter aid
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