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Why don't I get a response from suppliers?
  Actually, there are many reasons why suppliers delay or do not reply to inquiries. We suggest the following tips to help solve your problem:   • Write inquiries that are detailed and specific. This is to help suppliers better understand your sourcing requirements. • Check the ‘Sent Box’ of your ‘Message Center’ to confirm your inquiry has been sent. If your inquiry is not in the ‘Sent Box’, we recommend resending your inquiry again. 
How to add my Products?
Register to the site and start posting your products. 
Membership & Account
What email address information is required during registration?
Please ensure all information including punctuation is written in English and does not contain the word “tradezeus” Your email address is used to sign in to your tradezeus.com account, so you can only use it for one account. You are not allowed to use the same email address on other accounts listed on tradezeus.com
How do I get membership?
If you want to be a free member, please follow the ways below:    1. Click "Join Free" on our home page; Select your country or territory; Select either “Supplier,” “Buyer” or “Both”;  2. Complete the registration form and click “Create My Account”. 
How do I join tradezeus.com as a Free Member?
1. Click "Join Free" on our home page http://www.tradezeus.com/users/register.html 2. Select your country or territory; Select either “Supplier,” “Buyer” or “Both”;  3. Complete the registration form and click “Create My Account”.
How do I pay and will you send me invoice after payment?
You can remit money to tradezeus.com’s account. The bank account number will be provided after buyer verification. You will receive an invoice after payment has been made.
Can I ask for the release of payment after I receive the delivery of my order?
  Yes you can ask.
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Do I need to pay commission to tradezeus?
No. tradezeus.com will never charge you commission on any transaction. All payments should be negotiated with and made directly to the supplier.